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People for
Global Complexity
"In the end, the ability to handle complexity is all about people. Matching people’s horsepower with the complexity of the managerial challenge at each level, developing their skilled knowledge and experience, paying them properly, and supporting growth in their own flexibility and adaptability, are essential. a key to innovation, flexibility and adaptability. Structure follows strategy, and embodies the ability to master complexity. An innovative organization is an entrepreneurial organization, regardless of its size or history."

Ichak Adizes' PAEI management functions for identifying the requirements of managerial roles and guiding the matching of talent to roles are useful for understanding the alignment of entrepreneurial drive. Each business unit needs to have a complete set of the managerial functions (PAEI):

  • Producer (P)

  • Administrator (A)

  • Entrepreneur (E)

  • Integrator (I)


Some roles need a lot of E if change is to be encouraged and choices made about what to do. Others need big P if follow through is to be achieved. Where implementation is key, strength in I is essential. Getting A in place is needed to get beyond the Go-Go stage. Re-injecting E is how you stay at prime.

The New Venture: Brand, Organization and People

The Entrepreneur: Managing Talent for Creative Destruction

Ted Rogers Story: 9 Take-home Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Talent Management

A Corporate Talent Pool is a win-win for the company, for its leaders and for employees. With a declining post-boomer work force, a growing company needs system to make sure that managers and executives are ready, willing and able to step into future leadership roles. Today’s leaders need system to identify, track, mentor, coach, deploy and develop talent to meet today’s needs and grow into tomorrow’s leaders. And young, ambitious men and women need system to give them the skilled knowledge and experience to achieve their dead level best in their careers. The Corporate Talent Pool is a system that meets all of these needs and more.

The Talent Upshift

Implementing a Web-Based Requisite Talent Management System

The Corporate Talent Pool

Global Talent Management

Management Talk Radio Interviews

Talent Management - Don Fowke

Talent Management: With Don Fowke in Toronto, explores how a talent management program ensures companies have succession in place to support growth strategies and how it assists employees to achieve career ambitions.

Career Management Assessment

If you hire the wrong engineer, the wrong manager, you’ve blown a ton of money. Every experienced manager knows what a God-send it is to find a really excellent employee; and how difficult it is to predict which candidates will in fact turn out to be excellent. Managers may use management assessment or career appreciation to get an independent full scale psychological profile to support hiring or development decisions. The career appreciation program is designed to help both the individual and the organization make optimal decisions. Companies also employ personal profile analysis to generate a computer report that includes an analysis of the individual’s self image and self motivation, behavior under pressure, current stress situation, a personality assessment and recommendations for interview questions.

Management Assessment or Career Appreciation

Training and Development

Business challenges are best met by business teams in which everyone is an effective individual. Training and development needs to be targeted to produce desired results for each client situation in order to increase the performance results of individuals, teams and the organization as a whole. Training includes teamwork skills, communication skills, leadership and management training, change management, professional development, customer service skills, senior executive forums and outdoor learning exercises which stretch a team’s envelope of risk.

Empowering Leadership Course - Skills for Implementing Change

Know-how for Personal Advisory Group Vitality

The Enneagram Solution - HR System of Personality Study

The Enneagram - Personality Know-How for Management

Management Talk Radio Interviews

How Personality Plays in Leadership - Bonnie Fowke

How Personality Plays in Leadership: With Bonnie Fowke in Toronto, explores how the Enneagram system of personality study can shed light on leadership in organizations, build teamwork, and help individuals advance their careers.

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching, based on a range of technique and business experience – from Gestalt to NLP – brings accelerated development for the individual executive.

Practicing Gestalt

A Coach's Guide to Global Organization Design

Management Talk Radio Interviews

The Business Value of Human Management - Dorothy Siminovitch

The Business Value of Human Management: With Dr. Dorothy Siminovitch of Cleveland OH and Toronto, President of Awareworks International, explores the basic ideas of Gestalt and how they make the coaching process more effective, with illustrations from experience in the United States, Canada, Turkey and Israel


The principles of Global Organization Design yield a system of “felt fair” pay that ensures a climate of equity within an organization, and which can be calibrated to local employment markets.


Compensation plans derived from these principles apply across industries and across the globe. They include salary structures, and may allow for annual performance bonuses and long term incentive plans.

Executive Remuneration Heresy

How Felt-Fair Pay is Key to Conscious Capitalism

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