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About Us

The Virtual Partnership

We connect around the globe to meet the management challenge

Our clients can be assured of proven team capability. Network members from around the world work together in different combinations to meet your management challenge and provide a unique synergistic capacity that represents both the scope and the depth of the overall network. We integrate appropriate skills to meet the needs of clients for either large or small client projects.

The New Management Network although not a firm in the ordinary sense of word because it does not have an accountability hierarchy, displays characteristics relevant to a Virtual Partnership. For projects involving two or more members, the contractual arrangement formed for the duration of the project specifies the lead member. Specific characteristics of our virtual partnership result in successful outcomes for our clients.

Our Success Formula

Our success formula supports excellence through:

  • Stringent entrance standards: most members have two or more university degrees, plus senior level executive and consulting experience; highly selective recruitment: only consultants with proven results are chosen by the founders. 

  • Diverse teams: We assemble teams that are appropriate for your project, selecting from a wide range of skills and experience within the network. We can set you up with the power of a multi-generational team filled with complementary capabilities.  

  • Investment in research and development: We are called 'the New Management Network' because we continue to stay on the cutting edge. Our members both individually and collectively develop effective approaches to evolving issues. Experience has shown that treating each project as a unique case results in solutions that are most appropriate for the situation (forcing specific techniques on any situation is never accepted procedure). As an example of our research and development, the network actively supports the Global Organization Design Society in its research and development program

  • Selective pursuit of clients: projects the Network pursues as a group are ones where there is a professional challenge sufficient to arouse the creative curiosities of the members, and a social purpose to be accomplished by a job well done. The New Management Network is particularly interested in large organizations undergoing change due to deregulation, market shifts, globalization and new product design. We also work with major engineering companies on organizational components requiring specialized management skills, and entrepreneurial organizations who are grappling with the side-effects of rapid growth.

  • Open communication: the Network members are in regular and open contact with each other by e-mail and telephone, and attend regular annual retreats where all matters of interest and concern are addressed openly and honestly.

  • Consensus-building style of governance: the Network operates on the basis of a set of proven "traditions", rather than rules or procedures. For strategic alliances on specific projects involving more than one of the independent firms, there is always a lead who is strongly and loyally supported by the other participants.

A Short List of Our Expertise

  • Organizational Structure

  • Strategy

  • Company culture

  • Recruit Screening

  • Leadership development

  • Information management

  • Process engineering

  • Broad environmental & economic perspectives

A Short List of Our Experience

Projects for:

  • High tech sector

  • Manufacturing sector

  • Aboriginal Communities

  • Construction sector

  • Financial sector

  • Provincial and Federal Governments

Education in:

  • Entrepreneurship and Strategy

  • Gestalt Psychology 

  • Organization design

What Clients Say

This skill mix, when combined with members' belief in creative innovation and their dedication to drawing out the human spirit in organizations, offers clients unparalleled benefits on issues of corporate purpose, strategic clarity, company-wide alignment with direction, teamwork and organizational culture.

- High Tech Sector

Our Appeal To Members

Our Network spans two decades of collaboration and the Network spans the world.

To the member, the Network has substantial professional and personal benefits. A major attraction of the Network is the close relationship to colleagues who provide access to professional ideas, concepts and theories which enhance and stimulate ever developing and expanding expertise. Professional and personal friendships and trust have evolved and provide members with opportunities for testing new insights and approaches. Within the group, the skills, experiences and contacts are so wide-ranging that members go about their consulting activities secure in the knowledge that they are backed up by a formidable capability through their Network peers which can be accessed as needed to augment their own strengths. Consequently, all members have the opportunity to remain on the leading edge of a wide range of new management related issues, ideas and perspectives.

Member relationships are fostered through annual meetings, regular conference calls, e-mail and electronic discussion and with bilateral and multilateral project discussions throughout the year. A significant portion of each meeting is devoted to updates on interesting projects, new concepts and research and development work the group itself carries out.

Based on strong independent practices, the Network brings an entrepreneurial flair to the global challenges of management consulting. Indeed, the New Management Network is a model of integration of diverse interests. Having no command and control structure, the Network enhances coordination by building relationships in its own internal community through the power of knowledge, experience and an evolving set of "traditions" in place of rules or procedures.

Although some members have worked together recently on major contracts, and all have worked with others in the past, the commercial aspects of the Network tend to be focused within the individual firms of the members. Productivity, however, is enhanced by the option to draw on others' expertise, by peer review of difficult or sensitive work, and by the elimination of "professional isolation" that can devastate small firms in times of rapid change.

Network Evolution

Although the Network does not actively seek new members, it welcomes competent, and mature professionals with compatible interests and a willingness to contribute to the Network vision. There is always room in the Network for consultants who are developing fresh ideas and are seeking collaboration to help their clients.

The Network will continue to evolve, review and renew itself. This provides a snapshot of the Network at this point in time. Regular meetings of the members will continue to shape the evolution of this "virtual firm".


Don and Bonnie Fowke of Fowke Limited, Toronto, formed The New Management Network in 1991. They own the trademark and licence members to use it. This is truly a "virtual firm", with highly skilled professional management consultants providing customized services to clients around the world.

Each Network member concentrates on working to facilitate making things happen in complex organizations. Drawing on their experience in industry and government, members apply proven approaches in developing customized solutions for each individual situation. This is accomplished under a philosophy of welcoming and taking advantage of constant change. Each member has been selected for his or her unique skills, values and commitment to continuous learning through collaboration.

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