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Nick’s mission is to help leaders create healthy workplaces. His background includes working as a vice-president of sales, vice-president of marketing, vice- president in charge of mergers and acquisitions and vice-president of human resources in the fast-paced high tech industry.

Great workplaces are not an accident and Nick shows leaders how to grab a hold of their company culture in a practical and straightforward manner. Nick’s experience allows him to link the company culture to the corporate brand so that each customer experience is one of alignment between brand and culture.

Great company cultures have leaders who have solid alignment between their walk and their talk. Nick’s brand of leadership development is focused around helping leaders to understand their own blind spots and bringing these leaders into harmony with corporate strategy through their actions. A component of this process is to teach leaders how to access their intuition in service of the greater common good.

Nick is a certified consultant by the Barrett Values Centre. Barrett’s groundbreaking Cultural Transformation Tools have been used by Nick and other consultants in helping business leaders, community leaders and government leaders to build long-term strategies to shift the culture of groups of all sizes.

Nick is a faculty member at the Schulich Executive Education Centre. He teaches marketing and strategy in the Executive Program in Sales Management and the Master’s Certificate in Sales Management.

Nick Foster

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Clarity.Calm Consulting

Address:  1060 Royal York Road, Toronto ON M8X 2G7

Phone:  416 275-0776



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