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Raven Strategic Consulting specializes in helping clients create and realize their preferred future as well as developing the organizational culture and capacity to achieve it.

Raven core capabilities include:

  • Strategic and operational planning

  • Ensuring plans are successfully implemented

  • Assessment of organizational effectiveness

  • Creating high performance workplaces

  • Developing internal capacity of individuals and teams, e.g. coaching for performance, change readiness, performance management

  • Facilitation of workshops and conferences

Cutting Edge Management for Aboriginal Peoples - Marcelene Anderson

Cutting Edge Management for Aboriginal Peoples: With Marcelene Anderson of Raven Strategic Consulting in Toronto, exploring ways the best modern management methods can help bands and their enterprises get ahead. Based on experience in Canada and the United States, the ideas will be applicable in Africa, Australia and other places.

Marcelene Anderson, MA, CMC

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Raven Strategic Consulting
Address:  Toronto, Ontario M4S 1C2
Phone:  (416) 487-5300
Fax:  (416) 487-5553
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