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Address:  Unit 234, 2nd Entrance, Aftab Building, Paknejad Blvd., Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran

Phone:  +98-9123339884



Jamal has been running his consulting business since 2005. He started to work as a management consultant and executive trainer in 2004 and since that time he has developed a diverse knowledge on the subject and the practice of management.

Jamal's main research areas include management as a practice, management innovation, strategic management, management 2.0, management diagnostic studies, and management education.

Jamal is now working with several local companies in Iran as a consultant to their managers and he conducts researches in Iranian industries which are mainly focused on diagnostic assessment of management processes in those organizations. Jamal is also teaching management and organization theories and principles and strategic management as modules of MBA courses in two higher education institutions in Mashhad, Iran.

The basic philosophy of the Ariafansegal management consulting, co-founded by Jamal is that what constrains the performance of organizations are their management model rather than their business model or operation model. Therefore, to be ahead of change and to become resilient and adaptable in the world of relentless change, organizations must do something about their management models. Jamal tries along with his team to help companies challenge their managerial assumptions and to reinvent their management processes to build organizations that are more innovative, more resilient, more engaging, and of course more humane.

Jamal earned his bachelor in industrial engineering in 2003, his MBA in 2009, and he is now a PhD candidate of management studies. Jamal speaks Farsi, English, and French and he is also familiar with Spanish and German.

Jamal Ghamari

Tehran, Iran
Ariafansegal Management Consulting Ltd.
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