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Herb Koplowitz is President of his own consulting organization, Applied Organizational Science. He has worked with clients in the utility, pharmaceutical, financial, high tech, education, food, and automotive retail sectors as well as the Canadian Armed Forces, helping them with their structure, performance management and talent pool development. Herb bases his work in Requisite Organization. He focuses his consulting efforts on two kinds of services. First, for organizations where good management and structure are of interest because they are necessary for implementing strategy, Herb has developed training materials and consulting approaches that translate Requisite theory into step-by-step practices. Herb makes Requisite theory available to those whose major strategic focus is not on management by applying Requisite principles to the issues of a particular client or group of clients.

  • For entrepreneurs, Herb developed a CDROM, The Eight Best Practices of Entrepreneurial Managers, which addresses issues faced by entrepreneurs who went into business for themselves and then discovered they needed to learn how to manage their staff members.

  • Herb writes articles for the Investment Executive, which address issues facing managers in the financial sector.

  • For a particular company, Herb develops training materials that focus on the problems currently facing managers in that organization.


Second, Herb works with consultants and executives for whom good structure and good management are themselves part of strategy. He has taught Requisite Organization to business leaders through York University and to consultants through ACCORD. Herb develops Requisite Organization - based training materials for other consultants and, through one-on-one consulting, helps senior executives understand the underlying foundation of the science.

Herb is trained in Requisite Organization and marketing research. He holds a B. A. in mathematics and philosophy from Cornell University, a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Massachusetts and registration as an organizational psychologist in Ontario.

Accountability in Organizations - Herb Koplowitz

Accountability in Organizations. Everyone wants accountability but no one wants to hold anyone to account. Herb Koplowitz, President of Terra Firma Management Consulting, explores the benefits of accountability, why it is so rarely practiced, and what needs to happen for accountability to add to organizational effectiveness, efficiency and trust.

Strategy Driven Innovation - Herb Koplowitz

Strategy Driven Innovation: It's about accountability, not culture: With Herb Koplowitz of Terra Firma Management Consulting, discussing how the current focus on innovation is misplaced. There is no business value in being innovative let alone in having an innovative culture. Your shareholders don't pay you to do new things. They pay you to implement strategy, a plan to reach corporate goals. Rather than sprinkling innovation dust across the company CEO's should consider how to implement strategy aggressively. This will require doing new things, but that's a whole different effort that pursuing innovation for its own sake.

Herb Koplowitz, Ph.D.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Terra Firma Management Consulting
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