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Heidi Mehltretter has been working with Requisite Organization concepts since 1993 as a part of the Peoplefit team. She specializes in assessment of Information Processing Capacity and her experience includes a succession planning for large telecommunications firm. From a pool of 1,200 director roles, the company identified 150 as high potential, and asked Peoplefit to conduct interviews on those people in order to find individuals that might be capable of running a company of 140,000 employees. Heidi managed the team of interviewers and reviewers, conducting and reviewing many of the interviews. Information from the process was used to influence promotional and developmental decisions over next 5 years.

Over the past few years, she has conducted over 100 interviews and evaluations for various Peoplefit clients. The majority of interviews were for external hires, though some were for confirmation of internal evaluations. Candidates and employees interviewed were both national and foreign, and occasionally Chinese candidates were interviewed with the help of a translator.

She has worked on an informal research project with Dr. Alison Brause of ROII, to measure their progression through stratum levels over the course of their lifetimes, focusing on the emotional component of stratum transitions.

Heidi is part of a team that does extensive IPC assessments for a major Wall Street firm and is currently editing a blog-to-book project about Requisite.

In tandem with her work for Peoplefit, Heidi is a discovery-oriented filmmaker, photographer and international traveler, and holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in communications and film.

Heidi Mehltretter

Columbia, SC, USA
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