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Eurico De Freitas

Address:  Unit A3 & D5 Westlake Square, Westlake Drive, Westlake, Cape Town, South Africa

Phone:  +27 824536744



Eurico obtained a Bachelor of Economics degree from Stellenbosch University (1984). For the past 33 years, Eurico has focused on exploring, learning, imagining and creating ways of continuously improving the mental and business preparedness of executive leaders and rising stars.

Eurico enjoys high level business and leadership challenges. Ideas that excite his creative mind are seemingly impossible business/leadership opportunities;where to from here decisions that need to be made; and scenarios with Mural Dyslexia (not seeing the writing on the wall).

His main focus areas include: Enterprise design; changing and/or challenging leaders’ business paradigms; assisting executives, shareholders, and directors to transform their enterprise to a healthier status for the onslaughts of customer expectations, competitors, and change; change management including letting-go, making endings, new beginnings; Founders Syndrome; leadership; strategic thinking and sensing; cultural fit; Business Sculpting™ ; out-of-the-box thinking; innovation and finding creative business solutions.

Business Sculpting™ is the process and philosophy he developed, which: 1) looks at the present from the future vs. the traditional from the present to the future approach; 2) removes constraints (structures, systems, routines, thinking, etc) that have built up over time, in order to free people to have time to think and do, to unleash their potential); and 3) prepares the minds of leaders to continue growing their enterprise.

Eurico pioneered the concept of Learning Communities in South Africa, an approach to adult business learning. Together with Roger Stewart he created Real Time Case Studies as a practical method of business learning that is used extensively at the USB-ED and to which Eurico regularly contributes.

Eurico is a part time lecturer at the UCT Business School on topics in his specialist fields. He has served prominent clients in the industries of agriculture, agro-processing, food processing and preparation, IT and software development, motor, building and construction production, hospitality and healthcare. Eurico is a founding member of Business Sculptors.

Associate, Member and/or Registered Practitioner: Spiral Dynamics, Spiral Value (Richard Barrett), DISC (Thomas International), BIOSS Custodian, BIOSS IRIS practitioner, The Leadership Circle (Bob Anderson), CultureStrategy-Fit, OD Network USA and RSA.

Cape Town, South Africa
Business Sculptors (Pty) Ltd.
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