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The President of Precept, Claudia has 25 years experience advising management on strategic and business planning, management development, human resource management and training in Canada and the United States. She applies socio-technical design to large systems change and introduces participative approaches to productivity and performance improvement. She was educated at Queens and York University in Canada and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Leeds in England. Dr. Chowaniec consulted for Hickling-Johnston Limited and Block Petrella Weisbord and is a Certified Management Consultant.

Aligning Culture & Strategy in Entrepreneurial Companies - Claudia Chowaniec

Aligning culture and strategy in entrepreneurial companies: With Claudia Chowaniec, President of Precept Inc., an Ottawa-based management consulting company, and a founding member of the New Management Network. She speaks with Jay Lawrence, the CEO of Infonium, an innovative high tech company that builds software for hospitals, health systems, and governments to improve administration and accountability.  Their conversation focuses on the value of utilizing Culture Check, a short, focused  culture pulse¹ survey instrument (see to determine how the young company’s supportive work culture contributes to its strategic success.

Claudia currently works with not-for-profits and their volunteers to advise them on setting bigger
picture, longer term goals and how to make the required changes to achieve them.
She is a founding member of Compassionate Ottawa which is a volunteer-facilitated, community-led
initiative with the goal of improving the quality of life of the frail elderly and those who face life-
threatening illness by raising awareness about the importance of planning ahead to ensure our end of
life needs are met. 

75% of Canadians of all ages say they would like to die at home; 70% die in hospitals. 
Compassionate Ottawa is based on a social model of care working in tandem with the clinical one. It is
based on the need to build community-based systems of support that will enable us to be cared for at
the end of our life by our natural caregivers in our home or hospice environment.
In 2013 Claudia wrote Memoir of Mourning: journey through grief and loss to renewal. It serves as a
thoughtful guide for groups and organizations committed to supporting individuals and families
experiencing the loss of their loved one.

Claudia Chowaniec, Ph.D.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
PRECEPT Incorporated

Address: 285 Clemow Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1S 2B7 

Phone: (613) 324-9592


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