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How We Work With You

As CEO, you've got a game plan, a dozen things in motion. Markets are changing and there are new opportunities. Maybe an acquisition is in the wind, or new capital that opens new horizons. You can see how to get there. But it will mean some new players and new roles for the existing team. It's hard to see how to keep everybody in the picture, to bring them along with what needs to be done. The only problems you've really got are people problems!

That's where we come in. We hear you out and draft a plan that can move your vision ahead, and your people with it. Maybe we call it strategic planning, maybe we call it organizational renewal or, if maybe the focus is on implementation. Whatever the label, our program keeps you in the driver's seat and builds teamwork around the goal. Together we clarify the objectives and detail steps, check points, and benefits of the program.

When we've got the program right, we provide the communications vehicles to get it moving. Using interviews, analysis and workshops, as appropriate, we facilitate your leadership in mobilizing your team. And our experienced lead consultant puts the most sophisticated New Management technology at your disposal. Together we bring your company's executive capability to a new level, consistent with your new challenge and energized by the growth of your people.

Sound promising? Our track record speaks for itself. We get results! Call us at 1 800 387 2165.


Strategy formulation, business planning, consensus building, facilitation, implementation, organization design and development, corporate culture, executive team building, talent pool assessment, succession planning, executive Enneagram, forum facilitation and retreats, board governance.


Air Canada, Alcan, Association Chief Executives Council, Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, Canadian Blood System, Canadian Pacific, Computerland, Deloitte & Touche, Duncan & Craig, Barristers & Solicitors, Environment Canada, Family Business Council: University of Illinois at Chicago, Graham Construction & Engineering, Greenfleet, GSW, Health Canada,, Lidquist Avey Macdonald & Baskerville, J. Mulvaney, National Research Council, Nationwide Premium Sales, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt, Parks Canada, RCMP Public Complaints Commission, Restauronics, Rough Brothers, Rowing Canada, Softchoice, Southam, Stacey Electric, Stewart Home School, St. John Ambulance, Stochem, Sutherland-Schultz, The London Free Press, Unican Security Systems, Valley City Manufacturing, Walker Industries, Wascana Rehabilitation Centre, World Presidents' Organization, Xerox Corporation, YMCA of Greater Toronto, Young Entrepreneurs' Organization, Young Presidents' Organization


Mrs. Fowke holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Saskatchewan, is a graduate of the Paul Rebillot School of Gestalt and Experiential Learning in Switzerland and is graduate of the Organization and System Development Program at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.. Mrs. Fowke was a Principal with Hickling-Johnston Limited and an Associate with William M. Mercer Limited. She is a Certified Management Consultant with the Alberta and Ontario Institutes of Management Consultants in Canada.

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Business Strategies for Climate Change: Julian Fairfield and Don Fowke, exploring the path toward a low carbon future, and implications for corporate strategy for companies in Australia, Canada and the United States. The show will explore related issues of energy security, the role of nuclear power, the shift toward an electricity based transport sector, and how the Alberta Oil Sands fit into the equation.

Talent Management - Don Fowke

Bonnie Fowke, CMC

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Address:  1003, 135 George Street South, Toronto ON M5A 4E8.

Phone:  416 214-1370

Talent Management: With Don Fowke in Toronto, explores how a talent management program ensures companies have succession in place to support growth strategies and how it assists employees to achieve career ambitions.

How Personality Plays in Leadership - Bonnie Fowke

How Personality Plays in Leadership: With Bonnie Fowke in Toronto, explores how the Enneagram system of personality study can shed light on leadership in organizations, build teamwork, and help individuals advance their careers.

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