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Phone:  +358 44 555 7167/ +358 44 555 7167



  • Head of Master's Degree Programme in International Business Management at the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences (the programme is conducted wholly in English)

  • holds M.Sc. degree in Business Administration from TSE, Finland, and M.A. degree in Philosophy from University of South Florida, USA

  • lectures on strategy, leadership, change management and human resource management

  • is a Management Consultant in the fields of strategy, leadership, and organization development, and provides Enneagram trainings

  • has published several books and articles on leadership and management related topics; on public management, on career planning, on the Enneagram and organization development, and on philosophy discussing the intersection of pragmatism and hermeuneutics


Please, feel free to contact me if you want...

  • to learn more about Ethics for Managers,

  • to develop leadership skills, or

  • just to think about the future with someone outside your situation.


You may have in mind the future of yourself as well as the future of the project or organization led by you.

For the first contact e-mail is probably the

Ari Lindeman M.Sc., M.A.

Developing Small & Medium Size Enterprise - Ari Lindeman

Developing Small and Medium Size Enterprise: With Ari Lindeman of Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences in Finland, explores ways in which entrepreneurial businesses can be encouraged, supported and grown via a Client-Centred Approach to Business Development.

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