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Sales and Marketing expert in the high tech and software industry with proven success at building high performing sales teams.

Andrew Ford, Sales CoPilot, believes successful technology companies understand how their solutions improve the business performance of their customers. The CoPilot Group builds sales and marketing programs that make it easy to describe these improvements. These clear explanations of value create short and efficient sales cycles for CoPilot's clients.

Specialties: Stage based Sales and Marketing funnel mapped to the customer's buying process. Customer value map that anchors the sales dialogue in truly relevant differentiation. On-Boarding programs for salespeople customized to teach them to transmit your value quickly. High performance sales teams with increased retention, improved efficiency and better closing ratios. Sales coaching to ensure adoption into the day to day activities of the sales team.

Mr. Ford was President and Vice President Sales, SMB Group for Tecsys, Director of Sales for Pointforce Inc. He is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario.

Andrew Ford

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sales CoPilot

Address:  506-2662 Bloor St. W. Toronto ON M8X 2Z7

Phone:  (416) 709-0063

Fax:  (416) 487-5553



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