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William Carruthers graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from University of Guelph, a Masters of Arts from McMaster University and Doctor of Philosophy from University of Waterloo. His education continued with IT Service Management and Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management from itSMF and later with Principles of Continuous Improvement.

As an Instructor for McMaster University – Degroote School of Business, Bill created, taught and coached the in-depth course entitled, “2nd Generation Telecommunications and their Business Applications” for MBA & Commerce candidates. He also created and delivered the Business Ethics MBA Curriculum guidelines for the school.

Bill is a consummate professional with 20+ years of successes providing highest quality functionality through design, business support initiatives and planning. He has a recognized ability to assess and resolve complex solutions to align industry requirements with business systems capabilities. His experience and deployment talents establish plans, goals, and processes assuring methodologies are competitive, effective and protective of long-term success. His innovative and resourceful nature generates optimal business solutions turnarounds, ensuring superior ROI.

He has worked in wide range of professional and managerial positions with increasing responsibility for global IT companies, healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies, municipal and federal governments, financial institutions, educational institutions, manufacturing companies in various industries and telecommunications companies. He is known for delivering business value from a systems approach, with expertise including IT pandemic preparedness plans, ISO20000/ITIL compliant service management processes, Service and Operational Level Agreements, courses on business models, emerging technologies and customer service, extensive root and gap cause analysis, Total Cost of Ownership studies (TCO), systems integration, business systems performance improvement, IT recommendations and expansion, business planning, and partnership and merger programs.

William’s efforts have allowed organizations to increase profitability, maximize ROI and direct savings, improve processes, integrate technology, competitiveness, and ensure long-term success.

Bill’s many accolades include:

  • Applauded for innovative Desktop Transformation project involving the 90 most complex locations at a large financial institution.

  • Earned Presidents Award for Highest Level Consultant. with Apple Canada

  • Awarded Golden Apple Odyssey as the nationally placed Top Canadian Performer with Apple Canada

  • Keynote speaker on “21st Century CEO” for the Padulo Institute


Bill has authored many White Papers as follows:

  • The Requisite Organization Model for Complex Adaptive Systems Hierarchical Controls, SatiStar Corporation 2017.

  • Service Activation Guide: Process and Methods, Micromation Corporation, 2008.

  • Methodology for Business Improvement with Business Systems Support, SatiStar Corporation, 2003.

  • Business System Assessment: Formal Methods, SatiStar Corporation, 2003.

  • Business Solutions Implementation (BSI), SatiStar Corporation, 2001

  • E-Business Performance: A Framework for Performance Measuring, Nortel Networks, 2000.

  • VIMA, Virtually Integrated Messaging Architecture, Aurora Communications, 1998.

  • Supply Chain Engineering with ACEMail™, Aurora Communications, 1997.

  • Culture and Messaging Technologies, Aurora Communications, 1997.

  • Messaging: Industry Directions, Aurora Communications, 1997.

  • Strategic Impact of Internet and Object Technologies on Platform Strategies, Apple Computer, 1996.

  • Distributed Objects: An Overview, Apple Computer, 1996.

  • Directions ‘95, SHL/Computer Innovations, 1994.

  • Virtual Integration and Information Delivery Systems, SHL Systemhouse Technology Network, 1993.

  • Wrote: Society’s Impact on Technology: Questions and Issues. In Social Impact of New Technologies, Corporate Higher Education Forum, Montreal, 1985.


Strategic planning & implementation, business systems process optimization, operations & technology improvements, change & transition facilitation, client satisfaction initiatives, information process management, service & cost prioritization, executive & board level presentations, risk assessment & cost benefit analysis, IT service management (ITIL).


"I wanted to thank you for a job incredibly well done. Your work wow'd CMC and I know you have produced a superior product for us.
I also wanted to acknowledge what a pleasure it has been working with you. Your breadth and depth of knowledge, experience and expertise is a rare and underestimated treat."

Kathy Beaton
Systems Operations Support Manager
Technology Services
Children, Youth & Social Services I&IT Cluster

William T. Carruthers, Ph.D.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Address:    3-251 Queen Street South, suite 562, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5M 1L7
Phone:    905-567-1319
Fax:    905-567-1399
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