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The New Management Network consists of global management consultants who help businesses with their complex problems and the talent upshift




"Since 1991 we have supported executives to act quickly, directly and profitably, on what needs to be done for success. The New Management Network is a distinctive peer group of independent management consultants who share common professional ideas, understand creative innovation and are dedicated to releasing the human spirit in organizations. Members of the network serve clients on issues of corporate purpose, strategic clarity, company-wide alignment with direction, teamwork, executive coaching and organizational culture."






Years of Combined Experience

The Talent Upshift by Don Fowke with Bonnie Fowke

The people in your company make or break its performance. This article outlines two emerging trends that are creating more available leadership talent than ever before. Don't let your organization miss out on this powerful strategic opportunity - learn how to think about staffing for the 21st century.

Four New Books Available on Amazon
The Smart Creative finding, developing and keeping leaders for the digital age by Don Fowke and Bonnie Fowke talent upshift
A Gestalt Coaching Primer, towards awareness IQ by Dorothy E. Siminovitch
Recent Community Videos
Teams, Development & Dynamic Collaboration
with Jan De Visch & Josh Fowke
Josh & Jan talk about Jan's recent book, "Dynamic Collaboration", and how development of social-emotional maturity, as well as other developmental aspects, are key to creating a thriving team.
Can This Person Fill a General Management Role? with Herb Koplowitz & Don Fowke
What to look for when advising your clients on key hires or promotions. Building on recent extensive experience in SST assessments, the presenters outline the conversational flags, ways of framing the answers to questions and patterns of thought which are clues to the information processing needed to handle the complexity in Stratum IV roles.  
From Product to Market to Scale: Entrepreneurial Takeoff with Josh Fowke
A model of modern entrepreneurial thinking that incorporates strategy, business modelling, human capability and psychology to support businesses through expansion. 
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