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Alan Pearson

Alan Pearson Alan Pearson Associates Inc.

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Alan Pearson Consulting

Address: Suite 1001, 211 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2M6
Phone: 416-955-0854
Fax: 416-955-0854
Email: alanpearson@rogers.com

A Catalyst for Organizational Change

Since 1981, Alan Pearson Consulting (formerly Alan Pearson Associates Inc.) has been providing individuals and organizations with strategic-leadership skills for a rapidly changing world. Our list of over 150 client enterprises encompasses corporations, business associations, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

We specialize in helping our clients:

  • set a context that will nurture and motivate valuable employees
  • define an organization that is innovative, accountable and affordable
  • chart a course of action that will work in a variety of futures
  • secure commitment on what is to be done from those who will have to do it.

Strategy Development

Powerful plans are the ones you make to guide your own actions, not merely to satisfy the boss.

Alan Pearson Consulting offers confidential strategic counselling for chief executive officers. We also provide unique decision-making forums for boards of directors, executive committees, and other achievement-oriented groups who need to define or re-evaluate their organization's goals and strategies.

Our powerful process of guided discussion and analysis will help you:

  • articulate your vision
  • set and specify critical goals
  • identify and overcome barriers
  • generate and evaluate a variety of options
  • mobilize yourself and your colleagues to initiate focused action to get the job done
  • establish processes to monitor progress

Consensus Building

We work as catalyst and facilitator, helping you to be specific and clear about what you're trying to accomplish.

Alan Pearson Consulting turns consensus into action by helping clients secure deals with both allies and adversaries--deals that enable them to move ahead. They specify what needs to be accomplished, who will take on which tasks, and how resources will be allocated to reach targets on schedule.

We make sure you develop the allies you need and bring on-side those who could block progress.

Governance & Organization

What we want is organizations that keep us sane, not drive us crazy.

Good managers show respect for all their colleagues. Most managers bend over backwards to avoid seeming authoritarian. However, dysfunctional working relationships flourish in situations where authority and accountability are vague, ill-defined, or unspecified. That is why it is crucial to establish legitimate authority and due process: Who is entitled to make what decisions, and how? The test is this--on what basis will people commit to a decision that they would not themselves have chosen?

Meanwhile, Boards face the continual challenge of formulating a policy framework within which the ingenuity, skill and enthusiasm of the executive will be stimulated to drive the organization to ever better performance.

Alan Pearson Consulting has the methodology, the ideas, and the experience to help you clarify accountability and unclog organizational performance. Using our proven techniques, board and executive work together to reinforce each other's effectiveness, and work groups keep accountabilities clear so that they can get on with the job at hand.

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