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Jim Hayward, MASc, MA(Psych), CMC

Jim Hayward, MASc, MA(Psych), CMC

Toronto, Canada

Project X Ltd.

Phone: 416-559-6335
Email: jhayward@pxltd.ca
Web: www.pxltd.typepad.com

You are a senior executive with significant challenges in managing your
IT function and would like to see it more responsive to the business needs.
Jim can help your organization deal with the changes required inside and
outside your IT organization to improve the performance. With many years
of consulting experience, he has helped a wide variety of organizations deal
with the changes that are needed.

At the core of his practice is the belief that rapid results and a breakthrough approach can create momentum for change that can produce dramatic results. Many systems group expect the big systems project to create change and often give the organization indigestion.

Although some fundamental principles apply, Jim believes that each situation must be addressed uniquely and he does not use a canned methodology. Jim often assumes a coaching role with executives to help them improve their contribution to their organization. In several cases, he has taken on an interim role as head of IT during a transition.

As a frequent contributor to the Project X Ltd. blog, he shares his consulting philosophy and experiences, see www.pxltd.typepad.com