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Arthur Case

Arthur Case


Business Sculptors (Pty) Ltd.

Address: Unit A3 & D5 Westlake Square, Westlake Drive, Westlake, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: +27 824536744
Email: Arthur@BusinessSculptors.com
Web: www.BusinessSculptors.com

Arthur’s career has taken him on business and benchmarking visits to the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His career spans human resources, general management and consulting, where he has held senior positions in the financial services and healthcare industries. He has a sound knowledge of business and a deep understanding of people dynamics.

Arthur has served as general manager of human resources in a large financial services company and as managing director of a private hospital group and a pediatric vaccine manufacturer. In his consulting role he combines his knowledge of people and business to assist companies to achieve sustainable growth.

Core areas of Arthur’s expertise are business strategy and the systems that underpin a sound return-on-investment in human capital. His particular interest is in the people and the social systems that underpin excellent organisation performance. This includes organisation design, leadership development, organisation culture, change management and strategic HR. He is equally comfortable at board level and on the shop floor.