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Michelle Malay Carter

Michelle Malay Carter

Raleigh, NC, USA

Independent Management Consultant

Michelle Maley Carter Address: Raleigh, NC, USA
Phone: 1+ (919) 899-9922
Web: www.michellemalaycarter.com

Michelle Malay Carter has twenty years’ experience in leadership development, organizational engineering, and management consulting, as well as several years’ professional experience in fields of marketing, advertising, and communications. During her career, she has served clients as an internal, external, and independent consultant in small organizations and within one of the world’s largest.

Ms. Carter’s passion is to help executives design effective organizations and recognize and release the full potential of their employees. Her work is rooted in the meta-model, Requisite Organization, which focuses not upon “fixing” employees but upon on fixing structural impediments to organizational effectiveness. Her mantra is, I’m OK. You’re OK. Let’s fix the system.

A recognized expert in work level theory and talent assessment, Ms. Carter is also an author and speaker. Ms. Carter’s writing has been featured on HR.com, and she served as a visiting lecturer in NC State University’s Department of Communications. 

Ms. Carter currently serves on the board of the Global Organization Design Society, the council of North Raleigh Community Church, and can be regularly found volunteering at Endeavor Charter School, often in the role of lunch lady.

Ms. Carter graduated cum laude with a degree in Journalism/ Advertising from Kent State University. She earned her master’s degree in Organizational Development from NC State University and received a certificate in Organizational Development from UNC-Charlotte.